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Greetings from Shree Vallabh Gaushala. Gaushala is a well-known pilgrimage place where we worship cows. Worshipping cows, feeding them, and being with them brings tons of positive energy. We are determined to make our cows happy and loved by providing the highest protection, care and natural living. God Shree Krishan wishes "Let the cows be in front of me, on my either side, behind me. I will always be in the middle of cows.” in the dasama skanda (10th Canto) of Srimad Bhagavatham.

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Mission of Shree Kishorebava

Establishing the importance of Gauraksha (Conservation of cows) in the society.

    • Due to the inspiration of Shree Kishore Chandraji Maharaj, “Gopalan Kendra” (Village cattle camp) was established in many villages for the protection of cows.
    • Raising Nandi (bull calf) and giving it to various cowsheds for free.
    • Giving information on the manufacture of Panchgavya(five cow-derivatives) based medicines.
    • Preservation of pasture land and its development.
    • Organic farming promotion.
    • Shreevallabh Goshala is established to fulfil our primary duty to make our Gau-mata-Govansh reside peacefully and harmoniously in the entire nation and to remove the stigma of cow slaughtering.

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Gopuja & Godanam

Gopuja means worship of a cow along with her calf. Gopuja removes hardships of the people and blesses them with peace and happinessCows are very dear to Lord Krsna. He’s known as Govinda (one who gives pleasure to the cows) and Gopala (protector of the cows). He lives in Gokul (the place of cows)

Shree Vallabh Gaushala provides everyone around the world a chance to serve with following categories

    • For the Goshala new land acquisition
    • For the contribution of gaushala’s construction.
    • Adopt a cow for a year
    • Cow Food
    • Gopujan and Donation on Special Occasions

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