Go Samvardhan


Go Samvardhan

Go Samvardhan means to nurture the sacred cows; which is a symbol of Indian culture and devotion. Shreevallabh Goshala has been built to realize the purpose of preserving the invaluable heritage of Gaumata and Govansh that we have got. Here Gaumata-Govansh (cows) get good quality fodder, water, large space, clean air, and a natural environment with adequate sunlight, so the work of maintaining and breeding of Gaumata-Govansh is done very carefully. Gaumata-Govansh is given green and dry fodder as food, which is produced from cow-based organic farming, besides sorghum once a week and bitter neem as an herb once a week.

Pure and nutritious “Khan” (special food for cattle) is prepared for Gaumata-Govansh by mixing 13 different materials in the khan section of Goshala premises. This khan is given to them daily in proportion to the age of Gaumata-Govansh. Gaumata-Govansh in Goshala gets good quality food and a completely natural environment, so no disease enters in them. For more precautions, two doctors continually monitor the cows.

A separate residence has been arranged for the expectant cows, where doctors continually monitor her with the help of CCTV cameras.

The cows who are going to have their young ones are not milked for 15 days. The complete amount of milk is only given to its calf. After which her calf is kept with her for 7 months, during this time the calf drinks from two teats, while the milk of the other two teats are used for satvik use. The cows are tied only at the time of milking, except that they are not tied constantly with anything like chains or ropes. Cows are milked by hands in Gau-khirak, in which about 6 cowherds are served. While milking, melodious music is played in the Gau-khirak, which has a positive effect on the milking action.

In winter, a canopy is placed around the Gau-khirak to relieve the cows from the cold. Each cow is given jaggery water, and sugarcane is fed periodically to protect them from the heat of summer. Green tea and Malabar nut plants have been planted in Go Khirak to prevent the infestation of flies and mosquitoes. Besides, regular herbal smoking is also done.