Goshala History


Conserving and protecting the cows in the society

Getting inspired by Shri KishorechandrajiMaharajashri, ‘Gau-PalanKendras’ were established at many places for protecting the ‘Gau-Vansh’. During the challenging time of famine, 36000 cows were protected and this is how the campaign of protecting cows got a pious start.Today, the small campaign which started year back has transformed into a deeply rooted and shady tree in the form of Gaushalas at various places. These Gaushalas are well-planned and are being managed perfectly. The establishment of Vallabh-Goshala at Vadala village is a prominent step in the direction of achieving the aim of protecting the cows.

The inception of Shri VallabhGoshala
Shri VallabhGoshala is a humble effort to nurture, protect and conserve the most beloved of Lord Shri Krishna-cows. In addition to this, Shri VallabhGoshala also functions as a ‘Maatru-Sanstha’ where the cows and their calves are dwelled in a joyous environment. It is also ascertained that all the devotees visiting Shri VallabhGoshala understand the importance of cows in our lives to the fullest.

How was Shri VallabhGoshala constituted?

         In the year 1987, when there was a severe famine, people were unable to get even potable water. At that time, the condition of cows who have been a motherly figure for us was very piteous. In such an adverse situation, based on the inspiration of Shri Vallabhacharyaji’s principles and Krishna worship, Goswami Shri KishorechandrajiMaharajashri initiated to explain the purest form of Shri Vallabhacharyaji’s principles and established the importance of principles with a noble intuition of creating a joyous and peaceful dwelling for our ‘Gaumata-Gauvansh’ in the entire Saurashtra region and to stop the blot of slaughtering the cows, many sensitive and alert Vaishnavas came forward and ‘Goswami Shri PurushottamlaljiGauseva Trust’ was established. Getting inspired by Goswami Shri KishorechandrajiMaharajashree, it was decided that this trust will undertake the formation and management of ‘Shri VallabhGoshala’.

        An appropriate land was chosen near Junagadh at Vadala village where ‘Gaumata-Gauvansh’ can get a natural, beautiful, clean and convenient environment and can be protected against flood and filth.

       The ‘Bhoomi-Pujan’ ceremony was undertaken in presence of Cheeraayushman Shri Piyushbawashri. On the devout day of ‘NandBawaPraagatya Divas’ MahasudAgiyaras, Gau-pujan was undertaken by Goswami Shri AniruddhLaaljiMaharajashri. Then in the presence of Mahant Shri GopalaNandji (President, Bharat Sadhu Samaj), Gaumata-Gauvansh were welcomed inside the gaushalas for dwelling. Gaumata-Gauvansh have been joyously dwelling here since 2004.

       Utilizing the advanced technologies and facilities available in the current era as well as maintaining our original culture, the revival of certain obsolete departments was undertaken in 2021.

Vision:  If we study the importance of Gomata preached omnisciently in Hindu Theology, one thing we can clearly understand that Gomata-Govansh is only the basis of entire creation. With sermon of “गावो विश्वस्य मातरः, मातरः सर्वभूतानां”, our holy scriptures allots Gomata a title of Mother of entire creation and its living beings. It is firmly believed that if a mother is gratified then only she can nurture its offspring excellently. Besides, the basis of happiness and exultation of creation and its living beings are sanctity and holiness & the basis of the same is Gomata. So, if it is thought by this perspective, Go-Aashray or cow conservation is very essential for our steadfast happiness, joy, and growth. Hence comprehending the Go-Aashray or importance of Gomata and the way she is disregarded, let us awaken for Go-Seva&Conservation and awaken the society for this as well!

Mission: By abiding above perspective all the time in life, Our Acharya NityaLeela.ShreeKishorchandrajiMaharajshreewho has dedicated his entire life for Go-Seva and with immense inspiration by him the VallabhGoshala has been established that only aims service to cow lineage, conservation and welfare. Considering the holistic wellness of Gomata, the VallabhGoshala has been ready with advanced and enormous facilities under the able guidance of Shree KishorchandrajiMaharajshree.Comprehending the importance of Gomata& putting itintoimplementation, a perception of complete gratification and happiness is only the aim of Shree VallabhGoshala. Simultaneously, Shree VallabhGoshala also cherishes the perception of quality conservation and breeding of cows by our society excellently.