त्वं तीर्थ सर्वतीर्थानां नमस्तेस्तु सदानधे ।

Among all Tirthas (Holy places), you are the holiest.

The principal Deities, namely, Bramha, Vishṇu and Shiva have narrated the following shloka:

त्वं माता सर्व देवानां त्वं च यज्ञस्य कारणम् ।
त्वं तीर्थ सर्वतीर्थानां नमस्तेस्तु सदानधे ।

Meaning: O Destroyer of sins! You are the mother of all Deities. You are the reason for yadnya (sacrificial fire). Among all Tirthas (Holy places), you are the holiest. I pay my obeisance to you.

Yatra(pilgrimage), Hinduism and other Indian religions, generally means a pilgrimage to holy places and extremely significance for Hindus. Hindus hope that this pilgrimage will make them blessed by God and help them achieve their ultimate goal of moksha through their devotion.

Goshal and Cow is holiest Tirth as per Brama, Vishnu and Siva.

वन डे टूर

     आज की आधुनिक टेक्नोलोजी के समय में अपना बालक संस्कार और संस्कृति से दूर हो रहा है। संस्कार-संस्कृति की आधाररूप गोमाता का सान्निध्य बालक को फिर से इस संस्कार-संस्कृति के गुणांे के समीप ले जाकर गौरवान्वित कर सकता है। इससे परिवार,स्कूल और कोलेज के बालक-विद्याथर्ी वन डे टूर के माध्यम से गोशाला की मुलाकात लेकर इस हेतु को पूर्ण कर सकते हैं।

    टूर पर आनेवाले परिवार अथवा स्कूल- कोलेज के बालकों को कुदरती रमणीय स्थान में आनेवाली गोशाला के दर्शन के साथ गोमाहात्म्य को समझने का लाभ प्राप्त होता है। गोशाला में स्थित ओडीटोरियम में गाय के आधिभौतिक और आध्यात्मिक महत्व का दर्शन कराने वाली डोक्युमेन्टरी बालकों में गोसेवा-गोसंवर्धन के भावों में वृद्धि करती है ।

     गोशाला में बालक-विद्याथर्ी गोसान्निध्य के साथ साथ पंचगव्य उत्पादित वस्तुअों, गोबरगैस आदि की जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं ।


Gau Parikrama Marg

गवां दृष्ट्वा नमस्कृत्य कुर्याच्चैव प्रदक्षिणम् । प्रदक्षिणीकृता तेन सप्तद्विपा वसुन्धरा ।।

Visiting Gau-mata (cow), bowing to it, circumambulating it, is the same as circumambulating the complete globe. While performing Gau Parikrama, Vaishnavs can be immersed in Krishna devotion by listening to melodious Krishna bhakti music as well as Dhol-kirtan. For this, a sophisticated sound system has been installed on the Gau Parikrama Marg.


Surround yourself with greenery

As you, all know that spending time in greenery is quite beneficial for human health. It reduces stress, anxiety, and makes you happier. In these tough times, mental peace is also important and here you can experience when you surround yourself with greenery and cows.


Open green Krishna prayer area

In middle of Gaushala, beautiful Krishna idol with prayer area where you experience extremely peace and life unforgettable experience. You can perform Dhyana, Bhjan & kirtan at peaceful, green in between of Cow and in front of beautiful Krishan idol.



You want your children to spend time around cows and nature because it will nurture some good values in them, so for that, we have kids play area where they can play and even spend some time with cows in worshipping them, learning about their benefits and much more.

We have a specific space for cow’s calf in the kids’ play area, so the kids can have fun and spend time with them. Through this, children get a chance to love them, learn about how to feed them, and how to take care of them properly. We have made a special arrangement of the seating at the kindergarten to make sure that you don’t have to offer optimum benefits.


Food facility

There is a facility of the family garden with breakfast availability. So, when you visit here for a one-day tour you can get high-quality food.



Shreevallabh Goshala has a multimedia auditorium with cutting-edge technology and luxury seating for Vaishnavs.This auditorium hosts seminars by Bavashree, Vaishnav Sabha, and other cultural activities.

Visitors are also shown media content about the significance of cows and a video about Shree Vallabh goshala to guide them thoroughly. Learning about cows and how Gushala works through the projector in the auditorium add another level of fun and excitement.


Shree Vallabh gaushala is a holy place for an outing where you can plan a trip with your family & loved ones. Also, it is considered as a spiritual place because here you can worship cows, Nandi accompanied with a point for Bhajan bhakti which has beautiful sculpture of Lord Krishna which offers some positive vibes when you be around!

A lovely family garden has been created here so that Vaishnavs can rest with the community in a peaceful and pleasant setting near Gau-Mata.

So, you have to know why one day tour is not merely for fun and how it is beneficial in so many different ways when you visit here for a one-day tour. This Gaushala is situated outside of the city and is surrounded by lush greenery. This gaushala has a lot more to offer despite its remote location away from the hustle and bustle of the town. If you like the village side atmosphere, Shri Vallabh Gaushala will make your picnic day memorable. . We are awaiting your pleasure with your loved ones here at Vallabh Gaushala!

Locate Us
Its 15 Km from Junagadh to Vanthali road.