Nandi Distribution


Nandi Distribution

With the help of vivid gaushala and cow other helpers, you can be able to get the Nandi of a good breed that too free of cost. And, all these arrangements is made by Vallabh Gaushala.

Vallabh Guashal gets the Nandi of the best breed from the famous breeders of India namely Pradipsingh Raval(Sagvadi Gaushala – Bhhavnagar), Gir Savardhan Kendra(Bhadva – Riyasat), and Bhuvneshwari Peeth(Gondal).

Nandi from their gaushalas and with the proper upbringing of cow dynasty residing in Vallabh Gaushala are sent other gaushalas that are connected with Vallabh Gaushala. We provide Nandi to trustworthy Gaushalas and villages for breeding in order to improve the Bharatiya Gaumata breed.

With this, we would like to increase awareness regarding cows and Nandi and how it is beneficial to you in so many different ways.