Panchgavya Farming


Panchgavya Farming

Since synthetic fertilizer and pesticide subsidies, our country and the rest of the world spend billions each year. Toxic compounds are introduced into the food chain, resulting in nutritional imbalances and increased public health budgets. We agree that developing natural methods to increase farm productivity is critical.

According to studies, a probiotic mixture of buttermilk, Gaumutra, and water increases plant immune and development faster than urea. Compost fertilizer made from cow dung will help boost farm production and ensure organic farming’s long-term viability.

We made fertilizers for farming by combining cow’s beneficial substances like cow dung, cow urine with other different medicinal herbs.

By using these natural fertilizers in farming, pure and beneficial substances increase in the land. We use these fertilizers in the farming of our farms which is fertile. We use these crops to feed our cows, Nandi, etc. With all this organic food material there is a positive impact on cows and even on human beings.